Babylonstoren Mourvedre Rose`
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Babylonstoren Mourvedre Rose`

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As spring unfolds, budding blooms and warmer weather invite us to soak up a new season. And as we trade hearty stews for crisp salads, we fill our glasses with wine of a lighter complexion. Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé, with a rosy blush and tantalizing taste, is our spring muse.

Cellarmaster Charl Coetzee fermented the first batch of rosé back in 2011, after an impulsive decision to explore this pretty salmon wine. What started out as an experiment with mourvèdre grapes – at the time a cultivar rarely used for rosé – accidentally turned out to be a winner enjoyed worldwide. This goes to show that winemaking is indeed an art – a sort of merriment of nature, knowledge and a dash of luck!

Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé is an elegant dry wine of a sophisticated salmon colour and delicious hints of raspberries and rose petals. A sip leads to a delightful discovery of creamy strawberry yoghurt, the sweet airiness of candy-floss and a subtle punch of acidity.

It’s good to share with that Significant Other on a lovely spring day. With its face to the sun and its feet in the water, this witty cultivar will spark the creative senses and leave you with a lingering mouth-feel.