Blanc de Bleu 'Cuvée Mousseux' Blanc de Rose
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Blanc de Bleu 'Cuvée Mousseux' Blanc de Rose

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Winemaker's Notes: Bronco Wine Company is proud to present its newest varietal, Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose’ Brut, a sparkling Rose’ wine that is light in varietal and fruit character while the balance is crisp and tart. These light and tart attributes will develop into a refreshing wine as the steps to convert it into a sparkling wine proceed. Chardonnay grapes are harvested early in the ripening cycle. After the fermentation is complete, the yeast is filtered out. At this critical phase in production, Pinot Noir wine is added to give the Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose Brut its striking color and complex flavor. The dosage or sweetening solution is added to impart a balance to the wine that is dry, crisp, and refreshing. This is the classic characteristics of a fine Brut sparkling wine.


Wilfred Wong - "The Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux Blanc de Rosé is an enticing and pretty sparkling wine. This wine is lovely, soft, and easy-drinking. Its fresh and alluring aromas and flavors of tart red fruit and mineral accents make it pleasing aperitif bubbly."