Colliano Ribolla Gialla
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Colliano Ribolla Gialla

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100% Ribolla Giala

A favorite turn of phrase in wine retail is a bottle that "Punches Above Its Weight Class", meaning a bottle that really shouldn't be as awesome and delicious as it is for the price. This Slovenian Ribolla is a true example of a little (affordable) guy that can really hand out a punch.


Ribolla Gialla is a varietal found mainly in the Collio border regions of Italy and Slovenia. Once referred to as the "wine of kings", this unusual varietal dances across the palate with flavors of Pinot Grigio, the soft acidity of Sauvignon Blanc and complimented with the slight fruit of a dry Riesling. The wine is full and lively on the palate with notes of lemon, peach, cedar and grapefruit, the finish is full and lively with a gentle aroma of acacia and vanilla. Best served with fish, shellfish, refreshing salads and light meat dishes. This is a year round white wine for all occasions. Seriously, all of them (dinner, breakfast, picnics, binge watching television, working out... you get the idea)..