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WINE VARIETY PACK Skinny Freezer Cocktail Popsicles 12pk

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Slim Chillers; the creator of the original Vodka Skinny Freezers, brings you the first of its kind Wine Cocktail Skinny Freezers!...

All new wine flavor combinations, reminiscent of nostalgic  , and classic, wine cocktails found all over the world in amazing and romantic locales. From Spanish Sangria to French Mimosas to Italian Bellini; each unique and incredibly pronounced in their own right, Slim Chillers has now brought you four of the most original frozen wine cocktails you’ll find, with just a hint of the old world twisted right in!

Blackberry Pomegranate
Strawberry Grapefruit
Peach Mango 
8% alcohol by volume and made with Gluten free, low sulfite, fortified Orange Wine, and at 114 calories each, nothing was spared in bringing you an amazing adult Wine-based treat in a new 12 count variety pack, to share poolside with friends.