Hogwash Canned Rose` 2pk
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Hogwash Canned Rose` 2pk

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For the traditionalist, we’ll always have Hogwash available by the bottle. We know there’s nothing quite like the cold glass in your hand and the first twist of the cap.

Hogwash has always been about gathering places, about the potential to share something delicious along the way. Made with the same craft and attention that goes into every bottle, the cans simply take the Hogwash experience to the next level—canned up and ready to grab-and-go for it.

Hogwash expresses aromas of white lily, sliced strawberry and grapefruit. On the palate, you’ll experience nectarine and mandarin orange with a clean and precise finish. A lingering of lemon zest and honey leaves you refreshed and thirsty for more.